About Anne

A Bay Area transplant living in Los Angeles, Anne Walker Farrell has worked in nearly every department of television production during her fourteen years in the animation industry.  Currently a director on Final Space season 2, and previously a director on Bojack Horseman, she has worked with a wide variety of clients, including MTV (Good Vibes), Nickelodeon (Random! Cartoons), Bento Box (Murder Police), and Cartoon Network (The Mr. Men Show, Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi). 

The creator of Starseeking, an ongoing sci-fi webcomic (, she enjoys traveling with her husband, hanging with her two cats, and unintentionally murdering an inordinate number of blameless houseplants.

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The Back Lot Podcast, October 2018

“Women in Animation: Careen Ingle, Anne Walker Farrell, and Kelly Harper.”

Refinery29, October 2018

“Farrell is certainly one of the women leading us past…long standing, male-obsessed shows. The Netflix veteran joined the BoJack team in 2014 after a decade in animation.”

No Film School, September 2017

"One of the strongest players in the show's animation department is Anne Walker Farrell, who has served as a storyboard artist, lead animator, and starting with Season 4, took on directing duties as well. No Film School recently sat down with the director to chat about the show, broaching topics such as the differences between animation and live-action filmmaking, creating art that has a significant impact on people's lives, and advice on how to find success in the industry. "


Orange Coast Magazine, August 2017

"Anne Walker Farrell...combines art and storytelling to create poignant characters—most notably, a sad, sweater‑wearing horse."  


SWIM Podcast, Februray 2017

"In today’s episode, we sit down with Anne Walker Farrell ...we touch on how she got started, the numerous responsibilities she carries in her work, her journey to Madagascar, and the importance of being kind."

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